For small events


The meeting rooms are located on the second floor of the hotel. They are optimal for negotiations, small trainings, as well as for hosting the "headquarters" of the organizers or dressing rooms.
Meeting room
Evgeny Rogovsky
The meeting room "Evgeny Rogovsky" is named in memory of one of the famous physicists and teachers of Vedenskaya.
  • Area
    20 m²
  • Seating. The round table
    10 people
Meeting room
August Ackerman
The meeting room "August Ackerman" is named in memory of one of the architects of the building of the Vvedenskaya Gymnasium.
  • Area
    30 m²
  • Seating. The round table
    15 people
  • Flipchart
Additional equipment
  • Multimedia projector and screen up to 8000 Lumen
  • Hand-held radio microphones and headband
  • Plasma panel up to 60"
  • LED screen of any shape
  • Video conferencing system
  • Simultaneous translation system
  • Light panels
  • Dynamic light
  • Sound reinforcement kits
  • Scene
Do you want another conference hall?
Consider other halls of similar capacity. They also have everything you need to organize an event of any format.
Or call us at +7 (812) 332-46-63, our specialists are always ready to help you choose a site and will be happy to answer all your questions.
Located on the 2nd floor and named after one of the greatest poets of XX’s century Russia, the Alexander Blok’s hall can seat up to 100 guests. With a convenient location near the lounge for coffee breaks, the hall is perfect for hosting seminars, workshops and meetings.
Bright and cozy, the Gymnasium conference hall is located on the 2nd floor and can seat up to 25 guests. The “Gymnasium” is ideal for small-size business gatherings and seminars and can also be used for talks and round table meetings.